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Comic profile: Brander's Fantasia
Brander's Fantasia
A A classic JRPG reBranded!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: One week ago, 7:00 PM
Number of comics: 301
Number of subscribers: 2
Visitors: 2531 visitors (8088 pages viewed)
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Comic description

In this world purpose is decided by a magical mark that bestows great power. Follow Feiht, the last Thief in existence, on her journey across the land of Phurste in search of the secret of the Brandish Artefact, a relic theorized to have the power to change the world. Inspired by the traditional turn based RPGs of yesterday it's a classic JRPG reBranded!


"The Kidd that's never around when you want him but always there when you need him." Just another comic guy and all-around chill nerd.~

Most recent comments left on Brander's Fantasia

One week ago
The Lodestar Wolves arrive at the Game Family recruitment site following the supposed attack on Dre Game. The only problem is Dre himself. Stay wonderful!~
Left on Pg 15-1
31st Aug 2018
Even though they might fight among themselves from time to time, the Lodestar Wolves will always have each others backs when they need help. And let's hope that will be enough to save the day! Stay wonderful!~
Left on Pg 14-16
17th Aug 2018
Something is going down that is beyond what the Lodestar Wolves aren't quite ready for. Will they be able to manage it scattered as they are? Stay wonderful!~
Left on Pg 14-11
3rd Aug 2018
Sometimes you just need a good wake up call from those around you. Holding grudges isn't good for ya. Stay wonderful!~
Left on Pg 14-5
20th Jul 2018
Our attention has shifted to four new individuals. Who exactly they are and what their goals are yet to make themselves be known. Good or evil? Their actions will speak for them. Until next time, stay wonderful!~
Left on Pg 14-1