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Webcomic profile: Brander's Fantasia
Brander's Fantasia
A A classic JRPG reBranded!
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Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 21st Dec 2018, 7:00 PM
Number of comics: 337
Number of subscribers: 2
Visitors: 2970 visitors (9757 pages viewed)
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Webcomic description

In this world purpose is decided by a magical mark that bestows great power. Follow Feiht, the last Thief in existence, on her journey across the land of Phurste in search of the secret of the Brandish Artefact, a relic theorized to have the power to change the world. Inspired by the traditional turn based RPGs of yesterday it's a classic JRPG reBranded!


"The Kidd that's never around when you want him but always there when you need him." Just another comic guy and all-around chill nerd.~

Most recent comments left on Brander's Fantasia

21st Dec 2018
The fight with the two thieves, Flannel and Starch, comes to an end. Along with a new power, a peak into Rowan's past finds it's way into a certain obsessive Summoner. Stay wonderful!~

*The comics will be taking a break and will return February 15th.*
Left on Pg 16-16
7th Dec 2018
Feiht takes on the thief duo, Flannel and Starch as another foe makes his entrance. Stay wonderful!~
Left on Pg 16-11
23rd Nov 2018
A familiar... person, makes her return to the dismay of our heroes. Mostly just Rowan but any help to find the real thief is appreciated I suppose.
Left on Pg 16-6
9th Nov 2018
After the supposed breakthrough connecting The Plague with The Order Against Game, all crime suddenly stops. All in time for a certain infamous Brander to make her return. Stay wonderful!~
Left on Pg 16-1
26th Oct 2018
Without anyone to help them it seems the Lodestar Wolves won't be able to defeat the mysterious mage. Good to know there's a certain jerk around. Stay wonderful.~
Left on Pg 15-16