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Comic profile: Bran Fronds
Bran Fronds
Not "Brain Friends"
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 2:11 PM
Number of comics: 26
Number of subscribers: 2
Visitors: 125 visitors (439 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Five friends live together: A Particle Pal, a Socially Inept Frog, a Hive Mind Bird(s), a Snowbot, and an Eight-Fingered and Toed Woman. Will they ever have a goal?


Most recent comments left on Bran Fronds

Mr. Benjy
Mr. Benjy
Luche's not much for friendships.
Left on Fly Guy
Mr. Benjy
2 days ago
Mr. Benjy
"They turned on the rain." Hmm...
Left on Dry Humor
Mr. Benjy
3 days ago
Mr. Benjy
Checkers remains unamused.
Left on Jumping Snail
Mr. Benjy
4 days ago
Mr. Benjy
There are no good puns involving the word "leather". Trust me.
Left on Shoe Puns
Mr. Benjy
5 days ago
Mr. Benjy
"And what about the periodic table, huh? Is there a joke there too?"
Left on Tabled Contents