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Two ex-adventurers decide to step down as adventurers and live a quiet life by buying a bakery near the adventurers' guild... only to discover that living as an ordinary NPC has its own challenges.
A post-campaign epilogue of sorts with some Pathfinder/DnD Original Characters.
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Welcome! Sobers' Guild artist and TTRPG enthusiast here. Giving a home to our characters after their campaigns are over by making comics about/with them.
I write stuff and hope people like it LOL

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The problem with being 'helpful' when off duty is that your medical insurance won't cover you if you get hurt and neither will Worker's Comp.
You'll also be held liable for your actions and the employer will work against you rather than for you in court, unless your contract makes it VERY clear that you can put yourself 'on duty' in certain circumstances.
This is why Police, Firefighters and other 'first responders' have Unions.
There is absolutely no requirement for a 'Civil Servant' to be civil or serve anyone when off duty ;)

As for the eclairs, flavoured cream cheese is a big favourite, yummy !!
Friendly reminder that the captain of the city guard isn't necessarily a paladin eager to deliver justice and smite bandits at every opportunity.
Author Note
The bakery does have chocolate, it's the only flavor of eclair they sell at the moment. Vanilla and whip cream do exist here, although the bakery don't serve those on eclairs. I used meat as a joke but meat eclairs do exist, smoked salmon being the most common iirc but the recipe hasn't been discovered yet in this setting. You're right about everything else, either it is too expensive for the bakery right now, not easy to find or doesn't go well with pastries.
@Djuphy I kinda assume everyone would be down for fruit because... what else is there?

Chocolate/vanilla/tapioca/whip cream (which may not exist in this setting), meats (treated as a joke), butter, pure spice (may be too expensive in this setting), and I guess pure nuts (like peanut butter). Some kind of sweet cheese?

Nothing other than fruit is cheap, readily available, complements pastries, and can easily be injected into delicate pastries.