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Two ex-adventurers decide to step down as adventurers and live a quiet life by buying a bakery near the adventurers' guild... only to discover that living as an ordinary NPC has its own challenges.
A post-campaign epilogue of sorts with some Pathfinder/DnD Original Characters.
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Fact time: the church of San Nazaro in Italy stored 100 tons of gunpowder in its basement because.... something about it being the safest place to store it because God. But the church had a giant metal bell way up high which got stuck by lightning (which obviously happened all the time), the gunpowder exploded, and 3,000+ people died.
Point is: apparently people just love storing gunpowder in their basement.
Explosions first, customer satisfaction later.
Author Note
ah, she's more the explosive type of character.

Wonder how much will be left of the building afterwards, given any kind of physics are active in this one ;-)
Well, that's what I'd call a food fight! :-D
Great idea.