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Two ex-adventurers decide to step down as adventurers and live a quiet life by buying a bakery near the adventurers' guild... only to discover that living as an ordinary NPC has its own challenges.
A post-campaign epilogue of sorts with some Pathfinder/DnD Original Characters.
New comics every Wednesday and Saturday!


Welcome! Sobers' Guild artist and TTRPG enthusiast here. Giving a home to our characters after their campaigns are over by making comics about/with them.
I write stuff and hope people like it LOL

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when the fish is so big you need an entire shipping container of rice for sushi to put the meat onto...
Don't knock it if you haven't tried it (Hint: The sauce is the key). ^^
Children, do not make sushi at home.
Being allergic to fish I'd be hard to feed if stranded on a desert island, but the problem would solve itself...eventually.
The Survival skill in Pathfinder is pretty vague when it comes to the time to perform certain actions so don't go fishing if you are in a hurry!
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