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Breaking the Lore
A Northumbrian folktale...ish
Last update: 23rd Jun 2016, 7:47 PM
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A young monk listens as his grandmother recounts a tale on her deathbed, involving strange creatures, vanishing castles and implications for who, and possibly what, he is.


Hi, I'm Leafa! I love weird things in little bottles, making comics, writing stories and getting random cats in the street to notice me. 🐈

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“Lovely story!”
I like to think that at least the potion did work. Otherwise he'd pop up flailing and gasping for air. Whether he finds his family is still a mystery. The ocean is a big place. The undersea kingdom could still be miles away. I hope so though.
I'm glad eye brow-sed this other comic of yours. :)
You're welcome! Don't worry about the delay, it was lovely to receive your reply. :)

I know how it is. I used to love the ancient Middle East rather beyond reason, I actually wanted to live there. :D Then I sort-of spread out from there to be fascinated by all sorts of cultures and how people lived in them, from Anglo-Saxons to Olmecs to... uh... those central Asians who domesticated Przewalski's horse, although there's very little to go on about those! XD Curious business, taming a horse. Have you ever read The Horse Whisperer? I don't mean the film.
Oh goodness! :D
I decided to learn how to SCUBA dive which was a lifelong dream, and that first moment was AWFUL. I really panicked in a way I hadn't expected. Probably influenced this moment!