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Two pokémon, friends since childhood, have always wanted to form their own rescue team, and are ready to make that dream a reality. But strange things are happening on the hostile island of Atok, and their own island may not be peaceful for long. The life of the guilds' teams is about to get far more dangerous.


I'm Racingwolf/Scy/Carly and I love telling stories, whether through art or writing.

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Everyone died. The end.
do what's best for you!!
Thanks, I do want to continue the comic. I'm just one person though and have a lot of hobbies so it's hard to find time to keep a comic regularly going. Still thinking of what's best to do.
i remember this page man that was the best part man its sad to see this comic suspended but if that is what you want than that is OK i understand that drawing sometimes is difficult and drains you i mean comics but it was fun just had to say it since it brings so much memories
god i wish SJ would have done a update that would not damage any users reputation by making them quit and move here and this site is not awesome but its better than web toons.