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Broken Crown
No Justice For the Self-Righteous
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It's easy to slip between the cracks of history.

Sarafina is a lioness with a past born of mystery and thrust into times of war and intrigue. How will she navigate life in the Pridelands when threats and betrayal come from every direction?

This is a fancomic prequel based on the Lion King!


I'm a TLK fan artist and the author/artist for Broken Crown, a story following the life of the lioness Sarafina!

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'Adedi'... 'Ed'.
Author Note
Ah ok!
Gender in this world is really just a matter of an animal saying "I'm a girl" and everyone else nods and moves on. The only time it ever gets confusing is with animals who are sexually dimorphic, like lions! Even then it's really just a matter of changing pronouns if you misgender someone and they correct you.

Animals can make physical changes to their appearance (trimming manes, removing horns) but that ends up being more a matter of their personal aesthetic.
Ah. How exactly would that work in a non technology world?
Just wondering. Love the art.
Naanda is a transgender lioness!