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Comic profile: Bunny: Gore Justice
Bunny: Gore Justice
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today
Number of comics: 347
Number of subscribers: 45
Visitors: 11395 visitors (65912 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.95 (66 votes)

Comic description

The mysterious Komodo has seized an island, using it as a headquarters for his cruel, bizarre experiment. On the island of 5000 people, rebels have risen and fallen, but Komodo rules with a sadistic iron fist - the only figure as powerful and enigmatic is the unstoppable vigilante known as Bunny.

But Bunny's origins are as unknown as her motives. With the many eyes of Komodo locking onto the remaining rebels, the choice to trust Bunny is a dire and dangerous one to make...

A comic about trust, justice, morality, conscience, and a human's capacity for violence.

Updates every other day!


cool rhiannon
cool rhiannon
Artist (?) and writer (???) just trying to get Out There and have some Good Clean Fun
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twitter (WARNING for possible profane language)
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Most recent comments left on Bunny: Gore Justice

cool rhiannon
23rd Jun 2017
cool rhiannon
hey who's that

also my sixthform leaving ceremony is today pls wish me luck so i wont fall down on stage
Left on Page 334
cool rhiannon
21st Jun 2017
cool rhiannon
333, the number of the beast
Left on Page 333
cool rhiannon
19th Jun 2017
cool rhiannon
oh, dr. laPinsky is very cute, we all like her a lot, all of us

(everyone enjoying the new chapter? everyone? can i get you guys anything, a glass of water, a picture of rupert)

(merch survey still stands!)
Left on Page 332
cool rhiannon
17th Jun 2017
cool rhiannon
heeeey guyyyys look who's heeeereeee

also if you didn't see it the merch survey is still up for answers so i can make the Best most Interesting merch

pls enjoy these laPinskys
Left on Page 331
cool rhiannon
12th Jun 2017
cool rhiannon
EDIT: wow, i thought i was done making the ol' 'forgetting to resize before uploading' mistake, but i was wrong... fixed now!)

this cover won the poll by a landslide, so here we are: the strange case of professor tito noboa and doctor helga laPinsky...

B:GJ should return soon! 1-2 weeks! exams, building up the buffer, y'know?

for now, here's a survey, because i wanna know what kinda merch 'the fans' want

also, i may do a stream later in the month, but not a spoilerus chapter 3 stream, rather a redrawing-the-first-50-pages-of-chapter-1 stream! because i wanna make first-time-reading less insufferable. look out for that, if interested!

anyway, i hope everyone's looking forwards to chapter 3; it will begin shortly!
Left on Chapter 3 COVER