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Traumas and other grotesqueries
Last update: 20th Jun 2022, 7:30 PM
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Bunny Meat is a tie-in to the graphic novel series Serious Engineering. It is heavily inspired by Nekojiru's Cat Soup comics to the point of being a rip-off.

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Holy shit...
When I was 5, my parents had recently divorced but both still lived in the same town and had split custody over me. One day, during one of the times dad had me with him, we parked in the back alley of mom’s workplace while she was out there having a smoke break. I wanted to visit with her, but dad ordered me to stay in the car, so I did. And I watched them out the window. Suddenly my dad punched her really hard and stormed back into the car. I asked why he hit her, and instead of answering, he turned and threateningly yelled at me: “NEVER FUCKING TURN OUT LIKE HER!!” as we drove away.
As someone who’s attempted suicide before, this hits close to home. My family did not have a caring reaction to it. I needed love and support but instead all I got was anger.

The ride home after my parents picked me up from the mental hospital a few days after the attempt was painfully silent and tense. Once we walked into the door of our house my dad instantly began verbally ripping into me, telling me I’m a self-pitying piece of shit and that if I was truly suicidal I would have cut longways instead of sideways.

Please make that into a comic if you are willing n able to.
Hey, sorry to disturb you, but I have a story that you might find interesting:

When I was about nine years old, a hailstorm hit my town.
It was a big one, with hailstones the size of quarters and large gusts of wind.
That storm traumatized me.
Whenever there was even a little bit of rain, I would go and hide in my basement until it passed
My parents tried to convince me that storms couldn't hurt me, but it never worked.
Even the slightest gusts of wind still get my anxiety up.
deserved tbh