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Written by Charles D., Co-written & Illustrated by J. Kludge
Last update: 24th May 2021, 7:00 AM
Occasional Strong Language
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Aleks knows his name; he knows the entirety of his life, and he knows that his parents had just kicked him out of their house. What he doesn't know is where he is now. Aleks finds himself waking up in the house of a woman he's never met, in a city he's never seen—far from home or any sort of familiarity or comfort. Everyone in town seems fairly nice though...

However, as Aleks tries to make sense of his surroundings, he's plagued with familiar hallucinations in this unfamiliar place. Why won't anyone answer his questions? Is something sinister brewing?

It seems only time will tell.


Here for a good time, not a long time


CIAO!! I’m a trad goth writer and a UCLA student with an associates degree in English!!! ^__^ I love music and horror and blood and avant-garde art and the 80s. I’m dying!!!!!!! image image imageimage


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Oh, wow, well thanks for staying for the end and for all your words here. Yeah, it does seem to be a common occurrence for webcomics to cease production, but I'd say I've learned through firsthand experience as to why that happens, ha ha. I'm glad I was able to finish it, even through many periods of inactivity.

The front cover is more of an allegory of sorts—if I'm using the term correctly—since Aleks is the only one who actually jumped off a bridge (and none of the characters lived anywhere near each other). I'm not very experienced at drawing different kinds of bridges so I'm not bothered by saying they're the same one anyway. Up to you then, I guess :]
Have been following this since page 2 (Jan, 2016), glad to see it finally completed; that's an accomplishment that (sadly) many, many, many other webcomics failed to achieve. Congratulations!

Good things that came to an end, are always better than unfinished good things that left everyone hanging.

Since the story revolves around the limbo/purgatory, I personally think it is natural for the story to end once the main character decided on his issues and finally got sent out. Considering this being your first comic too, oneshot fits best; could not agree more about that.

Anyway, I'll leave this comic on my newsreader for another year to come; whether you might have or might not have anything new to announce. Thanks for sharing your work.

P.S. I suppose that Aleks is now back on the bridge we saw on the front cover?
Ah yes, I know what you mean. I'm happy to know that this ending worked out for you as it did. And of course, thank you for reading.
Oh wow. The ending caught me off guard, this easily could've been the type of story that used what was made as 'just the beginning', but instead it was ended with a clean cut. As odd as it may sound, I really do appreciate it ending now with a decisive close than to watch it get dragged out for another 5+ years and eventually fade off when either the ideas or interest dry up. Instead of answering every question, buoy-friend leaves me with something to think about. Thank you.
And a big thank you for all the comments you left throughout the course of the comic. I know I didn't really respond to much of them, but I felt like they were good as they were and didn't need my input. But I definitely appreciated seeing them, so thank you very much.