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Burn Away
A Pokemon X Gijinkalocke
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Roman is "vacant" - born without magic. But when his neighbor gives him a strange stone and tells him it could fix his condition, he thinks his struggles are finally over. Unfortunately, things are rarely that easy.​ (a gijinka nuzlocke of pokemon x)


its ya boy snooze

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"don't worry aboUt it (:" SHAKES YOY
ellas!! the team has officially left geosenge! and we will surely never have to return or spend any amount of time there again (:

artist notes:
- had a tonnn of fun painting the landscapes of route 11! and the large stone "doorway" we see in the first half is directly inspired by a similar structure in game at the edge of the geosenge screen :>
- kazz, mirelle, and cousteau are all sticking to the team! yes, there are technically 7 teammates when the league very much caps teams at 6 members, but at the moment that isnt an issue because no one is officially registered to edie's team besides abella and sasha. (registration has to be done at a gym) so dont worry about it (:

and i just wanted to say thank you all for sticking with me for (checks calendar) god, 8 months of being stuck in one location?? hough i really cant express enough how much i appreciate yalls comments and readership, especially this year!!! T___T
Author Note
aw thank you so much!!
dang, this site is incredibly well put together, great job