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Comic profile: Buying Time
Buying Time
A Cyberpunk Romance
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 24th Jan 2016
Number of comics: 146
Number of subscribers: 393
Visitors: 825111 visitors (6991411 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Buying Time is a sci-fi cyberpunk romance. Set in the future megalopolis of Hyperion City where all forms of entertainent, including our own personal social lives are regulated by a micro-transaction monetary system called Daily Leisure Credit. When Vinnie Smalls, a lonesome welder working for the Hyperion City Core finds he has a crush on a fellow co-worker, he finds he must break away from his usual loner lifestyle and dive headfirst into the inner workings of the Daily Leisure Credit system. Our story deals with the ups and downs of his relationship in the midst of system that makes staying in contact with someone a financial battle.


Most recent comments left on Buying Time

Otaku-greg (Guest)
15th Jun 2017
Now i understand the title.
Left on Chapter 2 Page 8
Otaku-greg (Guest)
14th Jun 2017
This looks so cool.
Left on Page 3
Kazu (Guest)
8th Jun 2017
"Thank You!"
Really, thank you for doing such a wonderful comic and sharing it with us. I had been introduced to Buying Time years back, like when you just started out. But I got a bit busy with other stuff and had comouter problems that I didn't get to follow on updates. You did such a great work on this project and I hope to see more lovely works from you! Keep up the good work and stay healthy.
Left on Chapter 8 Page 9
Daryl (Guest)
31st May 2017

I just wanted to say thank you for this very wonderful web comic. I found this randomly after searching for cool web comics with LGBT characters. THey're usually a hit or miss for me. But this one really hit the spot for me. I can relate to Vinnie so well with the poverty and weight problem, I couldn't help tearing up all the time. I love that you have created this wonderful universe and great characters I've become emotionally invested in. I do hope you continue the story for the foreseeable future. It would break my heart not to see any more of these two.
Left on Chapter 8 Page 9
kazraia (Guest)
29th Apr 2017
"in love"
I can't believe I have only just found this webcomic and I spent 2 hours binge reading it only to find out it's ended. It was heart warming, funny and a great bunch of characters. Within the last 2 hours of reading it, it has become one of my favorite webcomics. I loved every minute of it
Left on Chapter 8 Page 9