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A Wizard's Quest
Last update: 21st Oct 2018, 10:53 PM
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Cal, a young wizard, requests the help of the Demoness, Ariel, to recover a stolen relic before the flower within it blooms. Cal struggles with an inner conflict due to injury from failing to protect the relic and inadequacy due to the weakness of their magic. The two learn more about themselves and each other along the way and ultimately, Cal has to make a choice.

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I'm a Sequential graduate from SCAD. I have two stories of my own that I want to draw out and a number more that I'm planning on doing with some friends. My biggest wish is to meet people with my stories – to inspire people with the characters and their journeys and hardships.

I am open for commissions and you can find more information on my DeviantArt page.

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Icefall Kitsune
Welcome Back!!
It does!! :D I've mostly just been busy and sick and not being able to work on pages like I had been has been driving me nuts, but I've learned a few new tricks so hopefully those will be of some help lol

Also I'm hoping to get to the end of this scene by late November so I can get the first half pulled together in book form ^^ It should be really cool!
Huzzah! This still exists!
The perks of being a water mage. Fishing made easy

I'll update this when the color is done, but I really wanted to get SOMETHING y'all's way. Thank you so much for being patient and sticking around. Things haven't been exactly easy here and I hate that it's been so long since the last page. Hopefully that should be changing real soon!
Author Note
I am so sorry for being gone for so long! I had an influx of commissions come in and I haven't been able to juggle everything as well as I had hoped >~< I hope to be back with a new Cal page very soon! In the meantime here's an animation of Ariel that I've been playing with ^^

Thank you all for putting up with my nonsense ;v; See y'all soon!
Author Note