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Things could've been weirder.
Last update: 16th Jul 2020, 1:07 PM
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A coming of age story with demons.

Fantasy games and books have always held a special appeal for Gualicho, a teenager who, like many others, is hungry for something that will break the monotony of the modern world. Deciding to take a page out of his favorite B horror movie, he tries out a summoning spell from a grimoire, not knowing he´s about to kickstart a chain of events that will affect the entire universe.


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This story is taking all kinds of interesting turns.
This comic deserves more attention than it seems to be getting. It's really good!
edit: OK, I see you have 34 subs. Not too bad for ComicFury, I guess.
The art and storytelling are wonderful in this!
Sabrina and Luke go on a vampire hunting adventure.

Long delay - between the last chapter and this one I got a new tablet (a cintiq this time!), went traveling around again, had my mum over and decided to move countries again :P

Sabrina's starting to get regrets about her job, and this will kick off a bit of traveling... Any 17 year old would be obviously ecstatic about finding out they have super powers, but obviously being powerful and 17 leads to some not-so-stellar decisions.
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Aw thanks!!