Cammy's Pokemon Silver Nuzlocke
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Last update: 26th Jun 2020, 8:51 AM
Occasional Strong Language
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A nerd decides to go on a Pokemon journey with her starter Totodile. Instead of it being like a normal adventure she meets a lot of weird stuff on the way...
Who knows what's going to happen next, maybe she'll get eaten by a Pinsir, even I don't know.


Yo, I'm just a small comic creator (mostly an animator, cough) and I made this acc so I could post my nuzlocke comics somewhere else which is not deviantArt.

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Yeah, from now I'm updating it once a week, or will try to, as I didn't fix the rest old pages from this point on, so I'll need to take some time on it--
Eventually, we'll get to the current point of the story where I'm stuck (cough, page 39, cough)
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Also tip; if you hover your mouse you'll see on every page when they were first uploaded on dA.
Author Note
Drawn by my good friend Jutopa, please check out his nuzlocke comic, it's real cool :)
Jutopa's Blue Challenge on Comicfury
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This fight will be epic LMAO