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Captain Sin
In all the verse, no thirst is greater.
Last update: 19th Jun 2020, 3:12 PM
Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Occasional Strong Language
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In all the verse, no thirst is greater than that of the insatiable crew of the pirate ship Wet Rock. With her pervy ne'er do wells at her side, Captain Elizabeth "Sin" Sindalia crosses the stars in a lusty search for treasure, pleasure, and love. On this maiden voyage, join cloistered and naive Junior Archivist Vesta Anders as she meets the pirates, pursued by a ghoulish specter of the past, and learns the truth hidden in plain sight...


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Okay! I'm truly finished updating this until I can assemble the Gumroad version with minor changes here and there. So, now's your last chance...tell me what you think. Or remain silent as the grave.
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For real, guys! Let me know! Hit me up here or on Twitter @adamblackhat
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So, what do you think?
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I spent way too much time coming up with index codes for all of this nonsense.
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Don't you just love back matter? Me neither.
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