Captain Yesterday And The World Of Tomorrow!
A campaign comic of the Future.
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A man lost in time, an alcoholic robot, and an alien princess. These are their adventures.

A campaign style comic made from Futurama. Futurama is owned by its creators and not me. I’m just a fan making a D&D screen cap comic. I make no money and claim no ownership over the source material.


Ghost is not limited by race, gender, or nationality. Ghost simply is.

And now Ghost makes comics, and comments on yours!

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Have a nice holiday,
Thanks for understanding everyone. Go enjoy my other comic, and I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season this year.
Author Note
Thank you all. You who are here with me every day. You who check in once in a while to catch up. You who found me once and shared a laugh. Thank you all for your wonderful patronage and support.

I try to keep these comments light-hearted and short most of the time. This is, after all, a comic intended to make people laugh. But there's a lot of pain out there in the world today. Whether it be wars across seas, protests or riots in your home country, shootings at your schools, religious centers, or nightclubs, or just the common petty hate here on the internet. A lot of people are in pain and can use your support. there are places to donate, to support one cause or another. There are places to volunteer with those less fortunate than yourself. And there's the people around you, invisible and forgotten and overlooked. It doesn't take a grand gesture to change the world, and money will only take ideals so far. What I ask of you is much harder than writing your name on a check or spending one day a year ladling soup for the homeless.

We are more similar than we are different.
Seek to understand that which you do not know, and stop the spread of fear and hate.
Open your heart. Let go of the darkness. Stand in the light.
Author Note
Drizzt Syndrome

Well folks, here we come to the end of yet another episode. It's been a bit of a slog getting through this and I've been feeling more and more burned out keeping up with two comics, so I'm going to be taking a break from Captain yesterday. At this point my plan is to take this month off and resume posting Captain Yesterday in December. Depending on how I'm feeling that may change, but it's as good a plan as any at this time.

See you all in a month for Captain Yesterday: Fear of a Bot Planet!
Author Note
I hope you guys all had a good holiday. Since I am posting this ahead of time, I am sure that my hangover is mighty this morning.
Provided I haven't dissolved myself into a puddle of booze, I'll see you all Thursday for a comic.
Author Note