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Join Kirby on his card themed adventure as his powers get stolen by a mysterious black Kirby named Umbra. He teams up with his friends to rebuild the Master Deck and stop Umbra's madness! Contains several OCs and potential spoilers to fan RPGs I have worked on. Currently in a crossov er with Kirby Tales in Dreamland.


Nova Ozuka
Nova Ozuka
Just another comic maker from Smackjeeves.
Salutations There, I'm Danith. Autistic Young Adult, Intelligent, Blunt, Kindhearted, Compassionate and Introverted Individual. Comics are an ongoing hobby of mine.
I also have Anxiety, Depression, Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Insomnia.
I am a fan of a vast array of countless things, such as Kirby, Mario, Sonic, Undertale, Anime, Hasbin Hotel, Steven Universe and MLP FIM to name a select few.

After SJDowngrades occurred, I primarily host most of my comics over here. That is correct I am an SJ Refugee. I mostly do sprite comics, Although I have few drawn ones on hiatus, that I might bring over at some point or other.

There's Kirby Tales in Dreamland, The Ongoing Slice of Life Kirby Sprite Comic that I work on. House of Craziness, Cooperative Effort of Me and Connor (among others). Kirby Card Clash, which I co-author, and assist with as necessary. Foolish Ventures of Knott, Final Fantasy Parody Sprite Comic, which like the not yet transferred (Kirby Persona) are side-comics that I've yet to wholeheartedly continue on.

I'm also the owner of the First Alternate Universe of Deltarune (Alongside Deltafreak), DRDestiny/Destinyrune. The creator of Undertale AU, R-Tale.

That about covers it for the basic information about myself. Have a Great Day, :3

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Umbra's power has been... Disappointing
Awesome idea and a reference to Helpers actually being pretty damn dumb in SS and SSU. SA did it a bit better.
Nova Ozuka
I'm going to be honest. I have no idea what I'm doing. That's kind of the main reason this page got put off until today. I kind of just focused on one side of the screen first before working on the other. Korpy's charging a laser just because I have nothing else for him to do. Yelow has a special effect because Kai's Espionage comes with a Speed buff.
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