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A comic where the characters really come to life.
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Naomi has a cardinal trait for art, meaning that it is an intense desire that encompasses every aspect of her life. After learning to accept herself for who she is post high school, she discovers that her life's passion comes with a very special ability unique to her (and her trait). Unbeknownst to her, she becomes a target. She struggles to find herself, control her abilities, and get back on track to becoming a professional artist in this thrilling comic about self acceptance and artistic creativity.

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I am a devout Christian, a comic artist, a nerd, a geek, a dweeb, and I love trivia. I am very happy to share my comics with the wonderful artistic community of comicfury. I hope that these webcomics will be my first steps toward having a professional artistic career. ^^

Check out my website: alstonsartwork.com

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Thank you! This piece was a struggle for me. I'm still a newb at watercolor, so I cheated and used markers to cover it up, lol. It IS really hard not to say Kitty! XD
Nice job! I especially like your Storm, though Kate (she'll always be Kitty to me) Pryde is cool-looking, too.
Much appreciated!
Thank you!
Congratulations! And happy Saturday!