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Eating folks since 2003.
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A vore webcomic drawn by Austin Wolfclaw, formerly hosted on Comic Genesis.
Comic is split into various story arcs, each telling a different story.
"Carnivores" is not affiliated with the PC Game of the same title, or its developer, Action Forms Ltd.


Founder of Wolf Den Productions and author of Carnivores, formerly hosted on Comic Genesis.

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4 days ago
Pepper and the Sculptor follow Ryuzaki to the source of the glow - a Blood Moonstone! What is a Blood Moonstone and why is it glowing now? Find out soon!! As in keep reading, lol...
Left on #792 - "The Blood Moonstone"
11 days ago
Something has the attention of a newly healed Ryuzaki, and he goes to check it out, with the Sculptor and Pepper behind him.
Left on #791 - "What Does The Fox See?"
4th Jan 2020
Happy New Year!
Still typed 2019 when giving the strip a filename... i don't recall having this difficulty when i was working on Arc 16's first comic... ANYWAY...
Marklar, Sculptor, Pepper and Ryuzaki are teleported to the Great Creator's realm, where Marklar finds a surprise waiting for him.
Left on #790 - "The Realm of the Great Creator"
28th Dec 2019
The great creator makes his presence heard once again, this time, claiming to help Ryuzaki who had lost his Feaster powers in the battle against Corrupt Dal'Kaan....
Left on #789 - "A Voice From Above"
21st Dec 2019
It seems that fletcher had stumbled onto something that was buried in the dirt. Turns out it was Ryuzaki, minus his Feaster powers...and he isn't looking too good....
Left on #788 - "Discovery: Fletcher and the Sculptor"