The Quest of Casey Tailor
A fantasy webcomic about family, magic and royal drama. Updates twice a week Tuesdays and Friday.
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Casey Tailor has an almost perfect life but when a fairy woman steals his little sister away he must run off on an adventure to save her and put everything back to the way it was.
Between an angry girl who turns into a bird, a boisterous woman of fae blood, and a mysterious and sad young man, hopefully someone can help him along the way... Although, there also seems to be trouble brewing at Glassia Palace, exactly where Casey is headed.


Hi! I draw and used to have a webcomic on Smackjeeves that I am working on rebooting right now.
Big fan of comics of course, also cartoons, video games, and books even when I don't read as much as I should. Mainly into fantasy and slice-of-life stories.

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a teeny tiny baby
That's so cozy
Place won't be a problem I guess. And when the first army is camped, Terry will extend the inner space a bit :D
plot twist, more roommates, sorry buddy