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Comic profile: Cat Detective
Cat Detective
Justice has a mew name.
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: Yesterday, 8:33 PM
Number of comics: 7
Number of subscribers: 4
Visitors: 2563 visitors (3847 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.83 (6 votes)

Comic description

Cat Detective is a first rate detective who also happens to be a cat. Follow his adventures as he and his partner Tony Malhoney solve crimes while trying to escape the glare of Internal Affairs.


Meg is a struggling comic book artist that lives on anger and the tears of small children. She is an elusive creature but can occasionally be lured out of hiding by a good mocha.

Most recent comments left on Cat Detective

Hellmark (Guest)
8 days ago
Meg, I hope you do continue, because these really are hilarious, and I've always enjoyed your art over the years.
Left on 6
8 days ago
These interrogation scenes crack me up! I love cat detective, it's so funny and the art is amazing. What program do you use to make it? I hope you're able to continue it
Left on 6
8 days ago

I really don't know if Cat Detective is going to continue. I couldn't even finish coloring this damn page maybe I'll find a way to do it later. There's 6 more strips but after that I really don't know.
Left on 6