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Cat Donut
The Cat that is a Donut
Last update: 11th Sep 2021, 6:21 AM
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Cat Donut (half cat, half donut) and his normal activities in a land where creatures are part pastry or something.


College grad that likes pearl milk tea. My first word was "pizza." I've been into cartooning and character design for a while, and drawing stuff is so fun that I'll miss lunch sometimes (yeah right!). Enjoys playing Vampire Savior on the Sega Saturn.
Aka Bison2Winquote, SnDFrosteyneko, Frostey, Eben, etc.

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Necoconut Surfs on top of Goose Pretzel's computer.
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Keila Kittens
this comic is both surreal and silly, and i am here for it!
Cat Donut gets stuck in a lamp pole!
Author Note
Wait…it’s a lie though, right?
Hey…did he become a donut by eating donuts?
What a stinker.