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deep calls to deep
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a cat and a lamp team up to find the sun, and other answers about this strange world



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YES YES YES this is so beautiful, i love that surreal execuion in the second to last panel and the writing itself is so good, i'm so excited to read more
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[lightning crashes across the panel, splitting lick's mind. EVERYTHING IS SO LOUD]
[eyes stare from the fire in lick's general direction as they keep running. focus focus focus]
[WHERE? the panel becomes surreal, billows of white drifting from lick's body, white ripples pulsing out from their paws into the darkness.]
[a closer view of their paws, touching down as they run, making ripples on the ground. WHERE IS SILENCE]
Author Note
and we're back from our passover break!

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[a view of the dark mountains.]
[lightning flashes, striking another tree.]
[flames burst forth, birthing a few white figures. lick runs by, hurrying into the darkness before they can see them.]
[lick, mid-bound, fighting exhaustion and despair, forcing themself to carry on.]
Author Note
thanks avery! so excited to keep carrying everyone through this journey <3
this is so good... i love your storytelling here. it feels so powerful and the emotions feel so intense. the plot shift is so powerful.