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Last update: 11th Aug 2020, 7:06 PM
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Earth is dying, Mars is a wasteland, and humanity clings to small pockets of space-born air and water like anthills in an ocean. Bleak? Sure. But life goes on.

A modest family cargo ship, the Grimalkin, trades between the last islands of humanity, doing its best to survive. The Grimalkin's crew are survivors: hard, gritty, no-nonsense people who have seen the worst, fought through it, and won. Except for Cato...


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Thanks! I think it'll work out. A smaller percentage of something is better than a full percentage of nothing :)

And there'll never be an actual ending! It's gonna go fereverrrrrrr!
Congrats on the agent! I have wondered if it's worth it, been warned off it by one person but that's not much of a study, and I've got a sneaking suspicion that I am vastly undercharging. Interested to hear about how that goes for you.

Could totally see Cato as a mid-grade novel, though I would hope it has an actual ending. *side-eye*
Remember to take your iodine, kids!
Radium can be fun!!!!
I'm alive :D

And sadly, I have no links to merch. All the work I've been doing up til this point has very much been work for hire.

But maybe some day! If I come back to this comic I'll totally have merch (though I've told myself this before XD )