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Comic profile: Cato's Apprenticeship
Cato's Apprenticeship
Updates Saturdays
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 9:21 PM
Number of comics: 404
Number of subscribers: 188
Visitors: 83303 visitors (582356 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (1019 votes)

Comic description

Earth is dying, Mars is a wasteland, and humanity clings to small pockets of space-born air and water like anthills in an ocean. Bleak? Sure. But life goes on.

A modest family cargo ship, the Grimalkin, trades between the last islands of humanity, doing its best to survive. The Grimalkin's crew are survivors: hard, gritty, no-nonsense people who have seen the worst, fought through it, and won. Except for Cato...


Most recent comments left on Cato's Apprenticeship

Dogma (Guest)
Cato has the best skill...luck.
Left on Cato 3.10.8
2 days ago
Time for a poorly thought out ill timed attempt at a distraction!
Left on Cato 3.10.8
2 days ago
preferably with charts and diagrams :)
Left on Cato 3.10.7
2 days ago
Dunno if a bullet to the head's gonna do much for long... We maaaaaaaay get to test that hypothesis later on ;)
Left on Cato 3.10.6
2 days ago
Thanks :D

SO much better at colour. Each page I get a little better, so this comic's definitely done its job.

Still got a ways to go, though :)
Left on Cato 3.10.5