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Last update: 18th Apr 2020, 2:40 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Now, introducing CaveBound, the story of a boy who does some stuff at your command! "What things does he do?" I hear you ask? Well, that's up to you to decide! Use the comment section to input commands and pull our little literary friend around like a puppet on your whimsical, sadistic string. Watch each action as a pixelated mspaint-style adventure! I'm sure that's never been done before, right?


I'm an Alien who writes comics!

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Are-... are you doing alright?
“5-5 13-6”
...do you need a hug?
Mack, that dragon needs your help. This fairy has no understanding of dragon culture and should be educated. Dragons respect Strength, Size, and Stupidity Fearlessness. It's totally your fault you are not large and you are not acting like you own the place- Although it is pretty bad luck that you apparently can only just barely breathe fire. Make the fairy thing apologize to the dragon. JUSTICE DEMANDS YOU.
Mack: Sorry, can you please explain...
Mack: Everything?
???: *Inhale*
???: *Exhale*
???: Like, alright blueberry,, what do you wanna know??
Mack: Is the verbal abuse really necessary?
???: Uh,, hella yes.
Mack: Fine then, Miss Fairy not-genie. Who the heck are you meant to be?

Well, there goes your "Polite greeting". The glowing lady practices breathing exercises, apparently mentioning what her "Yoga classes" taught her.

???: Well, Mack,, first of all I'm totes NOT a fairy or whatever.
???: My name is, like, Kwanyin, an ex-holder of the Zhen Trigram...
???: Like, you know, the best Trigram.

???: And this totes gross lizard thing here,

She says, gesturing to the dragon though you're willing to apply it to her own visage at this point as well,

???: Is the thing I hired to, like, give you a ride downstream for, like, protection or something.
???: But instead decided to totally attack you instead.
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