Cinder Block Chris and The Quest For The Office Printer
An alien just fucking annihilates people.
Last update: 3rd Dec 2019, 10:57 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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(Full title: Cinder Block Chris; The Book; The Movie; The Mobile Game; The Comic; This Time It's Personal)

In the year 25XX, an alien pod crashed into a nondescript part of Mexico. The alien inside has no particular mission, though its new one is this; Survive. Will this alien be able to exist on Earth, or will his almost blind stupidity get him killed?


Miserable salaryman by day, infrequent comic artist by night.

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Hell yeah I got a drawing tablet, now I'm gonna do this a bit more often
Author Note
Alright so apparently a job fucks with your upload schedule hard (shocking I know), but I'll try to upload every weekend.
Hey sorry this was meant to be finished up WAY earlier, but I got violently sick because one of my friends decided he wouldn't tell me he was gonna Typhoid Mary me
Author Note
Sorry for the late update, my friend had been working on this comic page, and he's objectively a better artist than me so it took longer for him to make this one.
Author Note
I know this one seems a bit more rushed, but I didn't have time to make the comic pages last weekend. I promise the next two will have more time put into 'em.
Author Note