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CFL mean Corporal for life. A Canadian soldier who decide to nerver going to an higher ranks than corporal.


bédéistes amateur. Je ne manque pas d'imagination, mais je dessine surtout pour me désennuyer à la maison et lorsqu'il n'y a rien à faire au travail.

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Almost twenty years in EOD, the vast majority of incidents were people playing with pyros who should have known better, especially Reservists
From 81mm mortars found in wallls of the Base Theatre to smoke grenades, blamks and trip flares thrown in the garbage after a weekend scheme.
We averaged a couple of calls a week that shouldn't have been necessary if people followed the drills and didn't act like children.
Some of the ones I read in the weekly reports were even worse than the ones I personally attended...but not by much.
Like "inserted a 9mm blank into a crack in the floor and beat on it with a pressing iron until it fired...minor injuries"
"MWO extinguished a cigarette in a hole in the gym floor used to hold a volleyball net, hole was filled with black powder from a Tattoo practice"
"WO was called to a meeting after preparing a thunderflash for use, dropped it into his leg pocket, after several steps the cap came loose and it ignited"
POL base is like the gaz station of a military base. So you can see some wrong stuff here...

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Author Note
Oh, and Kingston, the city was nice but I hated the Base
Chatham ?
Bagotville, unless you can pass for Quebecois
Cold Lake was really nice if you don't mind being several hours from a city of any size and 'eleven months of winter and one of bad sledding'
As my brother said when he stopped in on his way to Comox "it's so far in the boonies you have to come out to hunt"
A lot of the little radar bases were isolated but most of them were pretty close knit and 'liveable'
So many Bases and Stations closed over the years that they're just memories now and most servicemembers today would never have been to them.

Meaford in the summer.