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Four online friends collaborate on making a story. When one of them answers a chain letter, it sends each of them a Profile Pencil, a magical pencil that can bring characters from the imagination to life. Which can sound fun at first but soon terrifying.

Be careful on your actions and what you choose to believe.
Without reason on what is real and imaginary can easily leave one in the dark.


| Skylar | 27 | she/her | ace/greyaro
Hi I like cartoons and live in Oregon.
I make a lot of typos so be prepared for me to make a lot of post edits.

Hello I'm Kyle! I'm here to help my wife with managing her comic! I like reading other people's comics as well and I also like playing video games.

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Pages are a bit slow at the moment because I've applying for jobs and such. Still uploading weekly of course!
And hey if you want to commission me, you can always send me a dm.
Additionally, I do have a Patreon!
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Firefly Jelly
I know you're a Darkness...
And I know you're my old friend.
I've come to talk with you again.
Aww this is so sweet I really like seeing them be friends
what if everyone came and had a sleepover at Alex's house :o
Yeah don't worry about the open stab wound! Let's eat some pie!!