Champion Of Katara
All he needs is a miracle!
Last update: 26th Apr 2022, 7:00 AM

Webcomic description

A reluctant hero is given a magic sword and thrown into battle after being told that he is the only one who could save the world from a terrible evil. If only he wasn't a pacifist!


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“When life copies art...”
Ahh yes, you went and gave Tsar Putin and emperor Pooh Bear ideas for the first half of the 21st. century didn't you. Shame shame, for shame on you artist.
Back after a much longer delay than expected. I hope to avoid such delays in the future, but, unfortunately, can't guarantee it. RL always gets it's way.
Author Note
Yes. :)
Never forget you in a good way or a bad way? ;-)
OMG! This is going to be EPIC!