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Say, have you ever heard "music soothes the savage beast"?
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In a post-apocalyptic world where magic runs rampant, one never quite knows what to expect; only that Life, as it's predisposed to, goes on and societies rebuild. Things can simply.. never quite be the same as the good ol' days, can they?

Heidi and her friend Alice work as rangers, much like many others in her community and the region as a whole. It gives something to do during the day, and it's a simple job, really: Patrol. Defend. Report. Work.
But, well..

One never quite knows what to expect.

Say, have you ever heard "music soothes the savage beast"?


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Hey there, name's Bird and I comic.

If you stumble across some noteworthy art, dialogue, or other kinds of errors in my comic, I encourage you to point them out to me in comments or a DM so I know what to work on!
(And—as it goes—stumbling across some noteworthy art or dialogue means a lot if pointed out as well 👀)

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Hopefully everything turns out okay :(
The Alolan PokeNerd
Ooof, this doesn’t seem good D:
Thank you so much!! :D
I couldn’t see this page earlier, but I can see it now! :)

I love the whispering silhouettes in the middle-ish panel!
Hey, can anyone tell me if they see today's file? My browser could just be acting up and I can't figure out if something went wrong on my end. 🤔

Edit: We should be good, guys 👍
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