Charby the Vampirate

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Graphic Violence / Gore
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Seems like the real monsters are all the friends we made along the way.
A dark comedy horror-fantasy about finding family.


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If this is an example of faster methods- it looks really good! (S/o to the little dog) Hope you heal up and things get more chill for you soon!
Jason Moon
Love those night backgrounds Amy! XD
"wonderbar" I love it and am glad you scraped though---ooo sorry bad pun but I couldnt resist >.< sorry
Amy Of Darkness
And he has a specific Cronenberg movie in mind: The Fly!
speaking of gorey horrors of the flesh, my knee and palm got absolutely shredded open because I tripped on my own foot in a driveway and "slid" across pavement. Gritty, rough pavement. This page was delayed so long because of mental troubles (depression anxiety & ADHD combo attack) and my other side of the comic suddenly throwing up challenge mode (why did I choose that angle for a wing why why) but now I'm gonna have to have a real break, I hate it! However, I'm trying some faster methods, trying to work faster without sacrificing all quality.

Anyway hope you like this page and are enjoying the comic, sincere thanks to everyone who has added this to their reading list!
Author Note
uhhh... I forgot what I was going on to comment who was to voice this scientist?