Charlie Peppersoap
Alternative Drama
Last update: 21st Nov 2015, 5:04 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Charlie Peppersoap is a webcomic collection of short stories using the same cast of characters for each plot; a serial 'soap opera' with a new Alternate Universe per chapter. Concepts and storylines written by [CAkEFox], Mamcine Oxfeather, and L. Rae Clark. Themes include romantic and relationship drama, political and ideological philosophy, and sexuality; in genres up to and including slice of life / non-genre fiction, paranormal, sci-fi, high fantasy, horror, and crime noire.

Updates weekly. Content Warnings provided under each chapter's title page.


1986 edition

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CONTENT WARNING: depictions of violence, death and dismemberment, and fantasy themed classism.
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Author Note

Each episodic 'chapter' of the Peppersoaps will feature content warnings. Please comment or message if any content flags are missing or inadequate, and be sure to check the author comments under every title page if there is specific content you wish to avoid.

EPILOGUE deals in themes of systemic poverty, mental illness, behavior disorders, and abuse (emotional, physical, familial). The characters in EPILOGUE will discuss, but not visually depict: domestic violence, sexual abuse, race and class related violence, and gender-based discrimination.

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