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Comic profile: Chasms
A police series (with anthros)
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Comic language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9 days ago, 9:35 AM
Number of comics: 75
Number of subscribers: 10
Visitors: 3272 visitors (7608 pages viewed)
Rating: 4 (1 votes)

Comic description

Meet Terra Ruaric, a prehensile-tail porcupine and a nearly uncontrollable maverick walking the police beat. When mysterious villains and crimes threaten the country she has come to call home, she'll do anything to protect it. Along with her best friend, Daemon Irving, a fun-loving genet pathologist with unusual powers; Biohazard, a half-cyborg teenager who would rather do anything but associate with Terra; and Ty Hardison, her hard-headed canine police partner who does everything by the book, they will embark on journeys that will touch every aspect of their lives and those who are friends, rivals, and enemies.

Updates once a week.


I'm Hawkeye and I'm a biologist wanna-be-artist at heart.

Most recent comments left on Chasms

9 days ago
Haven't had much luck the past couple weeks with staying on top of things. I actually had a pretty serious scare at work but it all worked out good today.
If I had stayed on track, I would've been done with this issue by now.
Left on Chasms-i2pg22
28th Aug 2018
Finally said "forget it school, I'm drawing" XD
Actually I had serious art block with moving into the new house and whatnot. When the whole routine changes, finding the rhythm again is a little...well...challenging.
Plus my art supplies being packed didn't help much.
I think it's back though!
Left on Chasms-i2pg21
3rd Aug 2018
Drive by post and late again!
Work has been...*faints*
So this page was a total rush job :/
Left on Chasms-i2pg20
21st Jul 2018
urns out the inside of a car wreck isn't fun to try and draw :/

Sooooo very tired. For good and bad reasons.
Left on Chasms-i2pg19
10th Jul 2018
Sorry for no update last week. Work has been about 3x busier than usual for this time of the year with a very short staff. Absolutely nuts.
Left on Chasms-i2pg18