childa innocha's exciting adventure [ARC 1]

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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of amber! in it, lives a young girl named childa innocha!
on her 12th birthday, she sets out for adventure...ready to take on anything that comes her way! various stories are ready to unfold in this world!

friends! enemies! action! adventures! thrills! horrors! anything can happen in this land of unprecedented surprises!

(updates with 2 pages every sunday!)



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and speed's their game! (so they say.)
there or may or may not be water on the rooftops from a few days ago!
so technically...yes?!
Gotta go fast.
Is Childa... running on water!?
woah! talk about a seasoned adventurer...i bet she placed beacons down too!