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Bang bang, shit shit!
Last update: 8th Feb 2016, 8:56 AM
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Hey, I'm Sajan Rai.
Childish butt-vomit is a way giving a home to miscellaneous/non-miscellaneous comics and images that I find myself producing.


Sajan Rai
Sajan Rai
27 • UK
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I welcome any enquiries/comissions :)

Most recent comments left on Childish Butt-Vomit

Sajan Rai
Cheers! I actually only just recently finished a graphic novel of Brocko N Frens!
Matthew Heisler
Kinda late to the party but I love these comics. Funny as shit.
Sajan Rai
Ahah, I'm already a Londoner. I'm going to America for a bit in May, so maybe I'll do a reverse image as a promo.
Sajan Rai
11/10 for the Jon Lovitz suggestion.
When I saw it, I thought it was your way to say you were about to take a vacation to London :P