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Chloe's Harem
Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure
Last update: 28th Sep 2019, 8:11 PM
Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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A choose your own adventure comic of the most erotic kind. Cast your vote at every page to determine the next sexy scene and drive the story.


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Sounds like a dare! That's 2 votes for C! Just the tip indeed lol

And I'm sure Chloe would enjoy watching every inch!
C with a little lube & a lot of will she can take it all.
Voting is NOW CLOSED for page 8!

C has won and Asya is going to play "Just the tip" with Ivette's tight ass!

With Prince Collin playing mean games with Lady Chloe and Ivette, the slave is fucking the mistress ... and Asya can't sit out this orgy any longer!

Planning about 2 more pages and polls in this sequence with the Prince, so this choice will determine who gets the focus of those pages!

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2 x B - everyone gangs up on Chloe for a triple-pen orgy
6 x C - Asya plays "just the tip" with Ivette's tight pucker
2 x D - Ivette tries to woo the Prince but gets a big surprise instead
Author Note
Another vote for D! Getting Chloe trapped in the middle of a big sloppy fuck train is popular :D