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The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit
A Christmas Ghost Story
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Language: English
Genre: Drama
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 10:26 PM
Number of comics: 9
Number of subscribers: 16
Visitors: 546 visitors (1475 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (20 votes)

Webcomic description

He's not so tiny any more. A decade after the events of A Christmas Carol, young Timothy Cratchit is finding it harder and harder to be the optimistic soul he once was. It might be that some benign supernatural intervention is required... that's how it works, right?

A Christmas Ghost Story, to be released one page a day during December 2018!


Hi, I'm Leafa! I love weird things in little bottles, making comics, writing stories and getting random cats in the street to notice me. 🐈

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Most recent comments left on The Reclamation of Timothy Cratchit

The Doodler
3 days ago
The Doodler
(This sounds more immediate in 1800s-style dialogue than not...)
Left on Stave 7
4 days ago
It seems that Tim has been dealing with a little ghost problem for a while now.

It's hotly debated what was actually wrong with Tiny Tim - presumably something that required a better diet or expensive medicine to treat.

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Left on Stave 7
One week ago
Common lodging houses were fairly grim places, generally used by the working classes who needed quick and cheap accommodation. Just about anywhere else would be a better option, but at least the Cratchits will be able to get get out of the cold for a while and process what has happened.

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Left on Stave 6
8 days ago
Martha is the only other Cratchit child still living permanently at home - she's a milliner, a fairly respectable occupation for a woman of her class.

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Left on Stave 5
9 days ago
Ouch :c Bye bye, house. Dickens says that Bob Cratchit and his family live in Camden Town, an area he once lived himself, which at the time of this story was a former rural suburb, rapidly being absorbed into London.

(Rather than the home of weird nice subcultures that it is today.)

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Left on Stave 4