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Surreal comics by the creator of the critically acclaimed SQUIRREL MACHINE and FOLLY. Cochlea & Eustachia defy analysis, as they act on whims beyond the author's scope of rationale. The reader is assured that the narratives herein contained are uncontaminated by plot, character development or sensible dialogue. Relax and look at the pretty pictures.


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Author Note
Jason Moon
So awesome man. You are an amazing artist my friend! Keep up the awesome work and thank you for sharing your stories with us.
The next page of Cochlea & Eustachia is still in the works.

In the meantime, I finally have re-stocked my inventory of past publication, all of which can be ordered HERE!

Also, I am now able to offer the CHROME FETUS OMNI-PACK - which contains all my comix publication from 2001 to the present day! Individually, these books would total $120, but you can get this package deal for only $95!


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Author Note
Well, it might be worth at least 10¢
Is that a pre-64 silver dime ? those are worth hangning onto :)