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Chronicles Of Atlum: Cross
Fate carries a Cross.
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Two weeks ago, 7:00 PM
Number of comics: 129
Number of subscribers: 35
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Rating: 5 (31 votes)

Comic description

In the city of Atlum, things were peaceful for many decades. Until the usurper, known as Nicholai Frost, decided to change everything.
It is now up to the ragtag team simply known as Cross, to stop him and restore the peace of Atlum.


Most recent comments left on Chronicles Of Atlum: Cross

Two weeks ago
Ok! Here we go! Planning and plotting time!

Don't look at this page too long. I hate it...
Left on Page 102
Two weeks ago
Heh! Yeah, unfortunately, we seem to be out of range for these channels. And this event won't be available on OnDemand either.
Left on Page 101
6th May 2018
It’s really disappointing I couldn’t watch the execution American television. Felian programming is far better than western television.
Left on Page 101
5th May 2018
Here I go again with the dark title pages!
But let's get real here. I suck at title pages. As we can all see... I did also get this mostly completed with only the use of a mouse, as my tablet wasn't working properly due to a recent Windows update... Which was making it hard to do anything at all. It set me back on the schedule I had set for myself. Like, I was hoping to have had a page or two already done! But no. I haven't even gotten started. And now I'm rambling.

Tl;dr My Photoshop wasn't working. But I fixed it. Pages will, god willing, be coming as they were.
Left on Chapter 5 Cover
Casanova (Guest)
29th Apr 2018
"Three comments"
① What a way to celebrate your 100 page milestone: killing someone in a gruesome manner!

② Given the manner of beast that Roger faced, I'm surprised there was no *CRUNCH* or *CHOMP* or *GURGL* to signify the gory discretion shot.

③ When I saw this page I also happened to see this video:
Left on Page 100