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To forgive is divine.
Last update: 16th Aug 2020, 8:00 PM
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When a string of events leaves him parted from his surrogate father, Rilind becomes a ghost of the roads. Though he's considered little more than a local urban legend by society, he's venerated by homeless and drifter alike for his strange power- threads that can heal the sick. One night he's called upon to rescue a different friend of the homeless- who turns out to not be just the opposite of any friend, but a crass, sharp nosed, meat eating vampire! It's not long before their fates become entwined- literally and figuratively, in the search to find the culprit which haunts his past.


My name is Omi. I've been working on COTS since 2014 because I really enjoy manga and have always wanted to start a comic. Some of my favorite works are Kaiji, Hellsing, and Dorohedoro. Among other things I really like monsters, birds (especially owls), and vinegar. I hope you like my comic!

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You did a good job, definitely getting that Ito Junji page turning jump scare effect.
Life comes at you fast
I wonder what it says about me that I was considerably relieved to behold the emergence of what my mind has dubbed "a friendly goat boi".
Wow, didn't even give Rilind a 'heads up' lol
I wish I could like this post, instead I will just say
funny good