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CKarrus (Suh-Kar-rus) is the story of Zac Nantai, calling himself "Tombstone", an Ex-Agent for the evil Lord Zester, who is running from his past and himself. But when he meets Juline, a beautiful and strong young woman with a wild personality and even wilder sexuality, she changes his life forever. Together they go on sexy, badass adventures, fighting demons and ninjas while making love in all of the wrong places.


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Thanks for checking it out.
“Nice, as always! ”
Nice, as always! I like the poses and the story telling!
She's goofy, but she is good at her job
lol. Sure she would do best, would she ? 😁
Uncensored chapters with extra content: https://gumroad.com/gojiramon
Deviant Art for more art: https://www.deviantart.com/00gojiramon/
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