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Webcomic profile: Clams&Crustaceans
High Schoolers turn Spongebob Squarepants into a Tabletop Campaign.
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Language: English
Genre: Other
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Last update: Yesterday, 10:35 PM
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Webcomic description

Imagine a world where Stephen Hillenburg was diagnosed with ALS earlier in his life, causing him to want to spend time with his family rather than try and convince Nickelodeon to pick up his silly cartoon pilot.

Over 20 years later a group of high schoolers decide to honor his death by making their next campaign based on his pilot.


I made this account so I could post comments.

Most recent comments left on Clams&Crustaceans

A small genius bonus for those of you at home, they are actually referencing two different medias, but since they’re in high school I figured that they wouldn’t know that.
Left on Not-So-Obscure Reference
2 days ago
Every component player knows never to combine two actions into one statement. Sadly, it seems like Samuel didn’t realize his mistake until it was too late.
Left on Sudden Realization
5 days ago
This could be considered potential spoilers,'s all subject to change at any moment.
Left on Campaign Outline
5 days ago
I’ve decided I’m going to be doing these Meme Comics from time to time since most of the jokes from the original cartoon won’t be transferred over. But more importantly: “Are these comics canon?” Yes and No. These comics will not mess with the Timeline but you could skip reading these comics and not have even known that you missed them.
EDIT: I don't usually like to point out mistakes I make but this one is kind of jarring. I forgot to include the dice roll, so now there's just a blank spot where it should be.
Left on Let me IN!
5 days ago
I’m bringing back the Black Outline. Yay?
Left on Patrick's Heartfelt Speech