Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Clockwork Journeys
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Clockwork Journeys: This is a 'Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky' fan comic! Whether or not you've seen and played the game, the comic is meant to develop the ideas from the source material without betraying the game that was part of so many people's childhoods, so I think everyone will find something to enjoy. If you don't want the game spoiled and intend to play it yourself, I suggest you do that first.

PS: As a general rule for those who have indeed played the game, please be careful in comments on spoilers for the game, this sort of thing can ruin the story for some and I'd like those to stay out of the comments of all pages and this cover.


Hello i'm Xeta. I'm an artist that has been doing work for a few years now. I joined this site so I could bring my work and my comic to it. I mainly draw pokemon but I'm able to draw other stuff as well. Pokemon, Humans, Anthro, drawn some video game characters. But my main project is the comic. I take commisions, but I dont have all of that properly set up yet, and will edit this when I do. In any case, hope you enjoy my work!

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thank you so much!
this is beautiful
This is so cute and interesting so far. Looking forward to more!
Link to the Discord here: Clockwork journeys Discord
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I'll have more to post soon! I've got some chapters already prepared, im sorta just migrating to another site so the comic is available on more platforms