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Cat omegaverse
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Tristan thought he would never love again.
Tristan is a rare fawning, a male cat who can get pregnant. Because of this he's been running away from his painful past. But he can't run from who he is and he's taken prisoner by the mighty King Harley of the Clowder Kingdom. Unfortunately this delay gets his pursuers one step closer to him.


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It's really hard drawing backgrounds and group scenes.
Author Note
poor Tristan has all the bad luck
Author Note
this pg was where I was going to start the story but then decided to do Tristan's backstory first.
Author Note
Here is Tristan and Harley in the palace gardens. I tried to make Harley muscular and older looking. Tristan is suppose to look like he's in his late 2o's.
Author Note
Even though this comic is drawn traditional I hope you like it. I wasn't sure how to start it so I started it with our main character Tristan and his life before the start of his adventure in this story.
Author Note