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Comic profile: Code: Game Night
Code: Game Night
Two Worlds Protected by a Bunch of Kids. With Dice.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Last update: 3 days ago, 1:20 PM
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Comic description

This is a campaign webcomic inspired by Grand Line 3.5, Steven and the Crystal GMs, and more. Using screencaps, the story follows a group of college students playing a homebrew campaign based on Code: Lyoko. Can they stick together long enough to save a fictitious world from an evil virus? Who knows? Get some snacks and settle in. ACCESS GRANTED.


I'm a writer first and foremost. I decided to try my hand at screen cap comics, and I'm having a blast. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Most recent comments left on Code: Game Night

3 days ago
The greatest test of all is coming up. LUNCH HOUR!

Next page on Monday. Have a good rest of the weekend!


Taylor: While Andy's off doing that, Jeremie and Ulrich see Yumi walking around campus.
Stein: Walking already?
Eric: Oh yeah. Very suspicious.
Rachel (Yumi): Why wouldn't I be walking around? I'm in one piece, aren't I?
Eric (Ulrich): Any, I don't know, dizziness or numbness?
Rachel (Yumi): None. Come on, let's go back to the factory.
Eric (Ulrich): Why?
Rachel (Yumi): We need to check out Lyoko and the scanners. Something may have happened while I was out of commission.
Stein (Jeremie): I would like to scan you, but we can't go back now. If we disappear twice in one day, the teachers will be suspicious.
Eric: So, what do we do?
Stein: Nothing except wait for classes to end.
Taylor: Hmm, I'd say it's about lunch time now.
Rachel: How convenient.
Left on Page 344 - Curse You, School!
Vanacan (Guest)
5 days ago
Yeah... even if just because someone might not like the flavor. I know I like olives, but don’t really care for them on pizza. A meat pizza is a “safer” bet, but there’s plenty of people who just like plain pizza.
Left on Page 343 - Hold the Meat
Cedric13sai (Guest)
6 days ago
And that's nothing compared to the nightmare that was the AD&D grapple rules(DON'T ASK!)
Left on Page 341 - The Evil Check
Cedric13sai (Guest)
6 days ago
Depends on which version you play. D&D 5e has simplified it down to a simple Str check(thank God!). Previous editions like 3.5, **shudder**. There's even a TV Tropes page on it:
Left on Page 341 - The Evil Check
One week ago
Yeah...this is why you ask everyone at least once before you order pizza for a group.
Left on Page 343 - Hold the Meat