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Webcomic profile: Code: Game Night
Code: Game Night
Two Worlds Protected by a Bunch of Kids. With Dice.
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Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
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Last update: 4 days ago, 12:00 PM
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Webcomic description

This is a campaign webcomic inspired by Grand Line 3.5, Steven and the Crystal GMs, and more. Using screencaps, the story follows a group of college students playing a homebrew campaign based on Code: Lyoko. Can they stick together long enough to save a fictitious world from an evil virus? Who knows? Get some snacks and settle in. ACCESS GRANTED.


I'm a writer first and foremost. I decided to try my hand at screen cap comics, and I'm having a blast. I hope you enjoy my stories.

Most recent comments left on Code: Game Night

We probably need more campaign comics about inexperienced groups. Everyone's got their shit together and knows everyone else at the table like an old friend. Maybe we need to see more people figuring stuff out.
Left on Page 363 - Irritated Waves
Anvildude (Guest)
2 days ago
I suppose I'm not just talking about RPing experience- Age, too. Like, someone in their 30's or even their 20's has probably had a couple relationships already, probably had their 'v-card punched', etc...

Because they're taking what amounts to flirtations as though they discovered Stein and Rachel in flagrante delecto on the dining-room table.
Left on Page 363 - Irritated Waves
ChaosStar0 (Guest)
2 days ago
The Taylor is a pupil of Bonnie(Pearl in the Steven Universe CC). This is Eric's first group, and Andy and Stein are veterans. I'm not sure about Rachel.
Left on Page 363 - Irritated Waves
Anvildude (Guest)
4 days ago
I feel like this is a very, VERY young/inexperienced group- like none of them have had a lot of RPing experience at all.

Only way I could see such light flirtations being taken in such an extreme way is when nobody in the group has had that much experience with more serious relationships.

Not a bad thing, but if I'm right about that, it explains a lot of behaviours.
Left on Page 363 - Irritated Waves
4 days ago
These last few pages have been so difficult for me to complete, and it's probably due to seasonal depression combined with the subject matter and my anxiety. Not a good mix as I found out last year. But this page is now complete after a week so that'll put me at ease enough to work on the next one.

I hope everyone's been having a good year so far! If it's not, it'll get better. I know it'll get better for me, so it'll get better for you! :D


Taylor: There you are! Uh. . . God, where do I begin? I'm super sorry about what happened this session. XANA-Yumi was supposed to be a little odd, but —
Andy: Yes?
Taylor: You. Stop that. Your attempts at being funny are just bugging everyone else.
Andy: Dude, I was trying to get Rachel to lighten up. That's all.
Stein: Maybe actually apologizing to her would be a better solution?
Andy: I got her a veggie pizza, didn't I?
Taylor: That’s not a real apology.
Andy: And she's not getting one. You remember what happened ten seconds ago?
Taylor: Yes. I was there.
Andy: Then yell at her! Not me!
Taylor: I'm not yelling at you! I'm just saying —
Eric: You're saying that things weren't supposed to turn out like this. Right?
Taylor: . . . Yeah.
Eric: Then what WAS your plan?
Taylor: She was supposed to be. . . strange. . . and get all of you to the factory. The how didn't matter except she could only deal nonlethal damage.
Taylor: Rachel and I traded ideas on "how" like being extra nice to Sissi, but I mostly gave her free reign.
Taylor: But I thought she'd go for violence, not. . . ugh! Doesn't matter.
Taylor: I'm partially to blame for this. I should've stepped in at the first sign, not just sit and watch.
Taylor: I am the GM, so. . . sorry.
Left on Page 363 - Irritated Waves