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Three city cops are dragged into an otherworldly quest when hundreds of portals open in the sky. Trapped on a flying alien city in an alternate universe, they must decide whether to return home or to save it.

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Nothing says "First Class" like the Excited States of America...
Not sure what I was smoking when I did the outline for this page, but those are some of the weirdest angles I've done so far.
Author Note
It got comically floppy in this one, I'll admit! What IS he hiding under there??
Yikes, you're right, that's usually how these things go.
Are Beret's supposed to Flop down that far? Is the general missing an ear or sommat?

Otherwise he's still giving me "slimey bastard's gonna turn out to be a bad-guy" vibes and there's not much else to really say about him.

It'd be funny if he does play poker with the rest of 'em to pass the hour though.