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Comic profile: College Munchies
College Munchies
A college webcomic not about college.
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 8th Jun 2017
Number of comics: 107
Number of subscribers: 15
Visitors: 34288 visitors (98796 pages viewed)
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Comic description

College Munchies: The aptly named misadventures of Lord Ra and friends. Warning: Stripping, comic violence, transmutation, minions, and breaking the fourth wall are just a few of the outlandish things you'll run into here. Mind the Walrus, pick up a taco at the Platoon if you're feeling a bit hungry, and don't make fun of Chili Weasle. He's a bro. Tune in every week to see what new misanthropic tortures are wrought upon the world of College Munchies.


gah humans get away why do you require knowledge of my personal life. Òó are you trying to black mail me!!!!!! never shall this be. you will never get me to talk about myself never!!!!!!!!!!!!.......oh you have cookies.....well why didnt you say so *munches on cookies* weee ratran iray rout rife...mhmmmm tjese cookies are good *scarfs cookies down. stops glares at you* why are you still looking at me???

fine you wanna know a secret, i am a member of the secret society of the potato legionnaire.....shhhhhhhhh no one can know
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I'm an Illustrator, and templator...and all around nut.

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8th Jun 2017
All i want is a world where a person is not judged for the amount of snacks and munchies they desire to consume!!!!!!!!

so i was originally gonna make a jab at the show i experienced this at but i wont like looking back and instead i choose to announce my animation epic that i will working towards during the next few years. comic sites and teaser art will become available as they become made. i thank anyone who has kept up with my art for being patient with me and my stories. i make my stories and art for my own sake but its lovely knowing others do read my work. anywhoo I'm now a quarter of a century old thats a thing its odd hitting this mile stone. xD more comics coming out soon
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6th Jun 2017
its odd how conflict and strife produces the creativity that i have been lacking as of late. anywhooo new comic page. people say I'm weird but like when stuff like this happens it makes me wonder if the rest of the world is on drugs
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8th Oct 2016
i swear comics are coming lol for now enjoy more potential screen savers .

again thanks to Inky for the idea
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21st Sep 2016
so finally had some time on my computer to do animation, was gonna working on a bouncing ball practice but it lead to a really short funny cartoon about a bowling ball and I got to thinking if i make a cartoon whats my opening, heres a teaser for all you wonderful people of what circles around my brain
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6th Sep 2016
so this has taken me write a bit to finish but it was super fun to make and this is only part 1 i have an extra surprise in store for this one but i figured since I've been kinda blank lately on my updates ill spoil you with a little teaser xD enjoy

oh and shout out to INKY for the idea

oh and for your musical enjoyment might i recommend this

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