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Margot lives a quiet life in a forbidden radioactive zone alongside her mutant cat, Simon. One day, she takes in an injured Scavenger named Punch and things start to get somewhat less quiet (but only somewhat). The series explores the way the two central characters cope with personal issues and past trauma through the use of surreal imagery.


Beatrice Huxley is a self-taught artist who specializes in ink, pencil, and marker work. She is also somewhat obsessed with cats.

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Ha! I was on the floor with this one.
At first glance I thought she said "I took a lot of tit classes in university" LOL! I took lot of figure drawing classes too.
If interested, please message me (there are only 11 stickers left).
All payments are in Canadian dollars.
Shipping fees apply: $1.50 (Canada); $2.50 (US); $4.50 (elsewhere); these are rough estimates.
Thanks again! <3
Author Note
Communication and being comfortable truly is the deepest form of intimacy.
So forward.