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Comic Shorts (The main series)
We do what we can because we're bored.
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 18th Apr 2010, 6:53 AM
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Webcomic description

This is the first portion of Comic Shorts. The first 100 issues of what we call "The Main Series" and it's where it all began. WARNING: Full of bad jokes, bad art, and probably some bad spelling. This is here cause I wanted to separate the more mediocre parts of Comic Shorts from the rest so that the early stuff won't scare potential viewers away from the newer better comics.


I'm the kind of person who is serious only about 10% of the time. I'm usually joking, being sarcastic, or being just plain weird/insane. That being said I also don't always put a lot of thought into what I say and may come off as a bit of an asshole at times. I enjoy my madness though AND YOU SHOULD TOO!
O and I tend to quote video games, anime, and cartoons from time to time....

Most recent comments left on Comic Shorts (The main series)

21st Dec 2011
This issue there is WAY too much talking in it...
Left on Issue 56: No Title
18th Apr 2010
Well here it is, the last issue to wrap it all up. Now I can start working on the new series and hopefully finish those often enough for regular updates. It may be awhile before you see any more updates from me but I do hope that the down time won't be too long. Also this issue looks much nicer then the earlier ones. You can tell that my skills improved a lot since the beginning of the series.

Go to the other site for all the actually good comics now!
Left on Issue 100: Goodbye
17th Apr 2010
With the long time since finishing an issue and the already falling apart, lost, and confusing plot line the series was destined to die. It's not the end of Comic Shorts but it's just about the end of the main series.
Left on Issue 99: The Aftermath
3rd Nov 2009
This comic, as well as the next one, were done long before I finally got around to uploading them to the net. My lazyness in it's most extream. I even missed Comic Shorts-iversary III.
Left on Issue 97: Explosions Fix Everything!
5th Nov 2008
I enjoy all the cheesy and bad jokes that this issue contains... Definitely one of the better ones.
Left on Issue 96: Some Bad Jokes And Dead Plots