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An anthro, slightly dark, slice of life webcomic
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Last update: 12th Sep 2019, 2:52 AM
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This anthro comic follows Jasper, a black fox, maned wolf hybrid, as he trips and stumbles through life, trying to find some kind of meaning to the void he feels trapped inside.


Just a random person that likes to draw furry stuff.

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Jasper Moore (Guest)
2nd Sep 2019
hey there, sorry for the late reply. i've been very busy with life, unfortunately. something I forgot to mention about the comic is that i have over 3 chapters of content finished, but a lot of it was drawn horribly on paper, so I've been redrawing a lot of it digitally. https://www.deviantart.com/jasper-v-moore/gallery/52765371/coming-undone if you go here, you can check out the rest of the comic on my deviantart as i slowly work on updating the digital pages here ^^
Left on Coming Undone Ch 1 Pg 25
Aaron (Guest)
1st Aug 2019
Is this comic still active? its a beauty
Left on Coming Undone Ch 1 Pg 25